Have you ever looked at your home recycling bin and noticed that it doesn’t accept shredding? This might seem strange, especially when we're all trying so hard to be more environmentally friendly. So, how can you dispose of old documents in a way that is kind to the planet?

For a more climate-friendly way to dispose of your paperwork, read on. Hungry Shredder can help you!

How Document Shredding Companies Can Help

A specialist shredding company is able to shred your paperwork in a way that is secure while still rendering the paper suitable for recycling. At Hungry Shredder, you can even watch your documents and paperwork go through our industrial shredders, providing total peace of mind. So, what are the benefits of using a shredding service?

Reducing Landfill

One of the main goals when it comes to recycling is to reduce the amount of paper that ends up in landfill. If you don’t go with a paper shredding service, you are likely to be a little less conscious of how you dispose of your paper, with more of it ending up in the normal waste bin than you might realise!

Less Pollution

Not only does Hungry Shredder conveniently collect your unwanted paper across homes and businesses, but our recycling efforts also have a knock-on effect. Paper that has been made from recycled paper rather than trees uses much less energy overall, which reduces worldwide pollution. This means that using a paper shredding service can have more of an impact on your carbon footprint than you might think!

Full Compliance

While we place a great emphasis on how we shred paperwork, our complete paper shredding service is also designed to save you time and effort. Not only that, but it is extremely secure, ensuring that you comply with GDPR regulations as well as helping the environment. We know that keeping your data, and the data of others, safe is a top priority for you, and we can ensure that this happens every time.

Being more environmentally conscious is good for everyone, and Hungry Shredder works hard to ensure that less paper than ever goes to landfill. If you want us to help you dispose of your documents, then
get in touch. We offer secure paper shredding services and are always ready to make disposing of old paperwork more convenient and better for the planet.

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