Working from your home has a range of benefits - no time lost to commuting, a quiet space to focus, and more. However, when you aren’t office based you might find some aspects of work more challenging, such as the secure disposal of confidential information.

Whether you're working at home or having a large clear out of your personal documents before a move, domestic shredding services can help you to dispose of your paperwork conveniently. Here are three great reasons why you should use one.

1. Lowers The Chances Of A Data Breach

If you have confidential documentation in your possession, then it is essential to dispose of it in a careful way. This is why shredding is the best choice - it slices your paperwork into slender enough pieces that it is rendered unreadable. Destroying documents this way reduces the chances of identity theft, and covers you when it comes to GDPR regulations, as any client information is essentially destroyed.

2. Saves Time During Moving

Even if you aren’t working out of your home office, there are other reasons why you might want to use a home paper shredding service. If you need to clear out your home and wish to dispose of a large quantity of paperwork, perhaps due to moving house or renovating, then a paper shredding service can help to save time. Simply recycling paperwork can leave you open to fraud, and shredding it yourself on a personal-sized shredder is extremely time-consuming - let Hungry Shredder do the hard work for you!

3. Save Money

Are you hesitating at the thought of using a domestic shredding service due to the cost? This is understandable - you might expect it to cost a lot to get a large quantity of shredding recycled. While buying a shredder might prove cost-effective for those who shred regularly (such as larger businesses), this is rarely the case for smaller businesses or private homes. If you only need a shredder occasionally, purchasing a powerful shredder isn’t necessarily cost-efficient, and you'll still need to shred everything yourself. For those one-off or occasional shredding jobs, a domestic shredding service can be cheaper and easier.

Hungry Shredder can help you with all your domestic shredding needs, providing you with documentation to confirm the secure shredding of your documents - perfect if you need to hold onto this information for audit purposes. It couldn’t be easier to use the secure shredding domestic properties trust. You can simply drop off your documents at one of our convenient centres, or let us collect them from your home. Whatever works best for you, you can be sure that your documents will be shredded in a way that keeps your data safe.

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