It’s a new year, which means new goals!

For a lot of businesses we talk to, 2020 is the year of productivity. Of taking a business model that works, but making it work harder. There are lots of ways to make that happen, but one of the most often overlooked ones is investing in a shredding service.

Every business has sensitive information floating around the office. Customer invoices, payroll and other information shouldn’t be common knowledge within the workplace, so companies typically shred these documents. However, placing the shredder in a common area for every employee to use isn’t an efficient way to handle this paper volume in a productive manner – enter shredding services.

Reduced Workplace Clutter

We’ve talked about this before, but a clean desk (and office) leads to productive employees. Some offices could have hallways and rooms filled with boxes of sensitive paperwork, and the clutter makes it difficult to move around the office, challenging to find what you need and almost impossible to focus. There have been many studies showing the mental health and productivity benefits of a clear workplace and office environment, and a shredding service can help you achieve that.

No Inefficient Time Wasting

Businesses without shredding services will usually dedicate one or two employees to document destruction. If the volume is too large for a basic office shredder, they’ll fill containers with paperwork and haul them to a nearby shredding company. This hauling time adds up to significant lost work hours at the business. A mobile document shredding company will improve the company’s productivity by eliminating this paperwork transport time completely.

Focus On Tasks

Shredding might be a necessary task in an office, but it is time consuming, dull and very low skilled work. There is no scenario where paying an employee to sit and feed an office shredder is a good use of time, and it often leads to very inefficient processes. But if you outsource your shredding, your employees can simply place their documents into a secure storage bin, and someone else does all the heavy lifting. This means your employees can focus on their tasks, and not mindless busywork. There are bonus points here too, because effective shredding solutions mean employees only need to search through current and relevant files to find what they need, rather than sifting through old and out of date documents.

No Maintenance

When you use an external shredding service, you get everything that goes with the territory – including use of the heavy duty machinery. And the best part is that you don’t have to maintain it! If you were using an office shredder for all of your shredding, it would inevitably break down with constant use. And because office shredders are small, your employees will usually become the repair technicians just to get it working again so that it can be used. The need for this is completely eliminated with a service, saving you time and money on repair costs and avoiding a major drain on productivity.

At Hungry Shredder, we work with businesses owners who want to be more efficient and productive, making the most of their valuable time. And for most, that isn’t spent shredding! So we do it for them, either with an on-site shredding service, or a full collection service for larger volumes or more specialist shredding needs. If you would like to know more about how we can help with your productivity, just get in touch with the team today.

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