Any small business is still likely to produce lots of sensitive documents as part of its daily operations. This could be anything from detailed quotes for clients to agendas for meetings or reports with confidential data inside. However, what do you do when these sensitive documents are no longer required? It goes without saying that putting them in the normal wastepaper bin is a real no-no!
The best solution is to shred documents like this when they are no longer needed. This destroys them in a way that stops confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. Many companies now will use secure shredding services to do this, rather than dealing with it in-house.

How much do shredding services cost and why does your business need them?

How Much Does It Cost To Shred Documents?

Many people worry about the costs involved with secure shredding - but these doubts are totally unfounded! When you factor in the benefits this delivers, it is actually great value for money. A sturdy 15kg sack with robust security seals for example would normally cost £5 each to shred. When you compare the shredding cost per bag against the costs of using a shredder in your office, it is a much better option.

Why Does Your Small Business Need Secure Shredding?

As a small business employee, cost savings are not the only benefit secure shredding could bring to your office. To begin with, using a professional shredding service guarantees that your confidential documents are destroyed securely. This cannot always be said when you shred important documents in-house.

For small businesses, the time saved by using a secure shredding service is also key. People are busy enough with their main roles and do not have time to spend hours manually shredding documents themselves. A professional shredding company on the other hand is dedicated to doing this and can destroy high volumes of paper quickly. This means you can let the professionals handle it and focus on your core work instead. Secure shredding companies will also collect your filled sacks, and this saves businesses having to waste time getting rid of it themselves.

Secure Shredding Is Available To You In Many Locations!

As the above shows, there are many benefits that secure shredding can bring to any small business. Here at Hungry Shredder, we can provide confidential waste sacks to use before collecting the filled sacks and shredding the contents securely. Get in touch via the contact form on our website for more details.

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