There are zero benefits to having an untidy environment. Not only is clutter an eyesore, but if you're constantly losing items and can't find what you're looking for, this wastes time and can contribute to increased stress.

In a business environment, having a cluttered office is especially bad news. It can affect how clients and colleagues perceive your space and even your brand, but it can also lead to a less productive, organised and efficient workspace.

The stress of misplacing important documents, which could end up getting lost or even stolen, is also another detrimental impact of allowing clutter to fester. Indeed, it could be damaging to the reputation of a business if vital data falls into the wrong hands.

Focus On Decluttering

Whilst it might seem a daunting prospect, the only real way to tackle an untidy environment is to prioritise decluttering, to get on top of things. This will take some time to achieve, but it will save you time in the long run and will reduce stress levels while making your business operate more efficiently.

Organise Your Paperwork

One of the biggest contributors to a cluttered office is the volumes of paperwork that can build up on desks, cabinets, shelves and even on the floor!When deciding how to declutter office paperwork, get into the habit of deciding what documents you need to keep, and what you no longer require. Be ruthless - there's no point hanging onto documents 'just in case' you might need them. However, if you do think they are important enough to keep for now, carefully file them away in a logical place, or even store them digitally, to save space.

Focus On Shredding

One of the best ways to keep your office clutter-free is to get into the habit of shredding paperwork you no longer require. Shredding documents is safer than just disposing of them in the recycling bin, as it ensures that any sensitive or personal information will no longer be visible on the paperwork, eliminating the risk of identity theft or fraudulent activity.Decide how long you need to keep documents before they're destined for the shredder. Some paperwork can be shredded as soon as they've been received, read or actioned, such as envelopes, statements, bills or statements.

By keeping on top of shredding your documents on an ongoing basis, this ensures that paperwork doesn't mount up and contribute to the clutter, so having an organised system in place is key.

Yet, the problem faced by many organisations is that they might not have the time or resources to tackle the mountains of paperwork that might need shredding on a daily basis. Plus, there's also the worry that many personal shredders on the market might not achieve the level of safe and secure document disposal that you require.

Therefore, if you want to guarantee your documents are shredded properly without the stress and inconvenience of doing this yourself, consider using office paper shredding services to manage this activity for you. Professional shredding businesses will use high-quality shredders and ensure documents are disposed of correctly, for your peace of mind.

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