How Long Should Your Business Keep its Documents For?

Dec 10, 2021
Businesses still rely on a raft of important documentation to support their compliance, accounting, and HR systems. This can lead to storage challenges, concerns about security, and also the question, “How long should I keep business documents for?”.

Strip Cut vs Cross-Cut Shredding: Which Is More Secure?

Nov 24, 2021
When you’re considering buying a paper shredder, one of the key decisions that you’ll have to make is whether to buy a strip-cut paper shredder or a cross-cut one. So, read on to learn about the different types of paper shredders, how they work and which option is the...

Secure Your Paper And Digital Records For GDPR

Nov 23, 2021
It’s been nearly 2 years since GPDR came into full force, and we’re now at a stage where most businesses are fully aware of what the legislation means for them, and how to enforce it. However, there are still concerns around how many of those businesses are actually...

Why Paper Is Bad For Productivity

Nov 23, 2021
In such a hectic modern world, businesses are always looking to find that perfect recipe for ultimate productivity. How to get the most work out of an employee in the time they are there, in the most efficient way possible, without causing burnout or reducing the...

Why Shredding Can Help You Meet Your Productivity Goals

Nov 23, 2021
It’s a new year, which means new goals! For a lot of businesses we talk to, 2020 is the year of productivity. Of taking a business model that works, but making it work harder. There are lots of ways to make that happen, but one of the most often overlooked ones is...

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