How Shredding Can Encourage Your Clean Desk Policy

Feb 9, 2022
A clean desk policy is a popular policy among businesses and requires all employees to keep their workplaces clean and clear at all times. There are many reasons why businesses might use this policy, and if you are a business owner who is looking to increase the...

True or False: 5 Paper Shredding Facts

Feb 2, 2022
All businesses should have paper shredders on-site for the disposal of important documents - this helps from a GDPR point of view, as it allows companies to dispose of private business data and also the personal data of customers. There are several myths in the public...

Why You Should Switch To A Regular Shredding Service

Jan 18, 2022
Most businesses have a lot of tasks that they need to juggle on a daily basis, with many of these prioritised by importance. Shredding of paper is one of those tasks that need doing, but often gets pushed down the to-do list in an office, as other seemingly more...

How To Protect Your Business Against Identity Theft

Dec 28, 2021
Identity theft is a very real concern for any business, but it's particularly problematic for companies that rely on paper documents. Improper disposal of paper documents can leave businesses and staff at risk of identity theft because criminals can retrieve important...

Office Sustainability - One Piece Of Paper At A Time!

Dec 16, 2021
As businesses become more aware of their own environmental impact, they are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions while still functioning as a company. To that end, office sustainability practices have been shown to dramatically...

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