Despite living in the digital age, most businesses and consumers are comfortable with old-style paper documents. Sending, receiving and storing confidential documents electronically can be helpful, but many customers still prefer receiving paper documents. So, where can I dispose of confidential documents?

Handling files with sensitive content such as financial statements, bills, delivery packages and marketing plans can put your business, customer and employee data at risk. These items shouldn’t go in the recycling or trash bin as they leave you vulnerable to data theft and fraud. A paper shredding service is the best way to get rid of sensitive hard copy documents.

Why Is Paper Shredding So Important Today?

Identity theft, such as stealing credit card details, is rampant throughout the globe. Therefore, you must do everything possible to protect confidential customer and employee data. A paper shredding provider has the knowledge and experience to offer your business a reliable destruction plan for secure and confidential documents.

Here are four benefits of paper shredding:


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to both digital and conventional paper documents. The law requires businesses to enforce security measures that protect any data with personal details. A shredding partner will help you securely destroy paper documents that you no longer need until they can’t be accessed, read or assembled by hand anymore.

Employee Trust

A shredding provider helps you secure employee information. If employees see your organisation is strict about their confidential personal data, they will be more likely to trust HR employees. This guaranteed privacy will allow them to concentrate on their work, therefore increasing productivity.

Brand Protection

A data breach can cause severe ramifications for your business. A secure shredding service protects your company’s reputation.

Less Expensive

You can purchase an office shredder and save costs. But you’ll need to hire someone to operate it. Considering the amount of work associated with operating a paper shredding machine, hiring a secure shredding provider is actually economical. It also eliminates electricity and maintenance expenses.

Saves Space

Some companies have so many paper documents that they even rent additional space for storage. You’ll no longer need to do this with a shredding service since all unnecessary documents will be destroyed regularly.

Your business should have a disposal of confidential documents policy implemented within its offices to help prevent data leaks. If you choose to outsource paper shredding services, ensure that you hire a reputable company with a quick response time and knowledgeable personnel. Contact Hungry Shredder today for secure and confidential paper shredding services.

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