In an increasingly security-conscious working environment, you may end up with more paperwork problems than ever. You need to ensure that you keep important data safe and declutter large amounts of paperwork. There are some steps you can take to solve your office paperwork problems - keep reading to find out more.

Try Thoughtful Filing

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to getting on top of office paperwork, then knowing how to file paperwork in office environments can be a good start. Doing so carefully means you can work out what you need to keep, while sorting through your documents as you go. However, filing can be a long and challenging task that can eat up valuable time - and now most physical documents can be digitised rather than physically filled out and kept. Instead of immediately filing everything, sort through the documents carefully to keep on top of paperwork.

Engage With Digitisation

When you digitise your office paperwork, you are reducing both the amount of physical paperwork in your office and the chances of human error impacting your important paperwork. Digital documents are much harder to lose or misplace, so what you need will always be easily accessible and organised.

Put A Data Policy In Place

Putting a strict and robust data policy in place ensures that every single employee will know exactly what the process is for dealing with paperwork. Include this in your onboarding and ensure everyone understands the process. This means that everyone will keep their paperwork in an orderly and uniform fashion. It also means your office will stay a little tidier!

Shred Old Documents

Certain documents will need to be kept in their physical form, but most can be digitised, and therefore the paper copies do not need to be kept. Once you have your documents digitised and filed appropriately, you can shred your old ones. You should be extremely careful about which documents you keep. It is essential to do this both for GDPR compliance and to keep your office environment uncluttered and well ordered. You cannot simply dispose of these documents in your normal office waste, as shredding them is the only way to fully protect the sensitive data they might contain.

Now you know how to reduce paperwork in office spaces, you should be able to enjoy a more well-ordered and clear office, which can be especially valuable in today’s open plan offices. If you want to easily have your paperwork shredded, then get in touch with Hungry Shredder. You can bring your documents to us for easy shredding, or we can come to you and collect large volumes of paperwork for secure and simple shredding that will give you a clean and clear office.

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